Thursday, October 10, 2013

Who You Are!

Women how amazing we are and yet how much we put ourselves down. The scale we stand on tells us we are not good enough. Magazines and TV tell us we are not good enough. When we stand and look in the mirror what is the lie we tell ourselves?

I read some of the comments on YouTube about this video and most women are really touched and set free by this video but then there are a few guys on there that say it has to much 'You Are' in it and not enough 'He Is' and that it is an evil message. But I do not feel this. I think it points to the Creator in every way. God made us strong and capable and awesome. He created us to fulfill His good purpose. He created us to nurture and love. We were created with large hearts to open up to others and meet their needs. Don't let the enemy tell you are not good enough to make a difference and to serve your God.

I watched the movie One Night with the King which is the story of Esther. Hadassah the Jewish girl who was taken from her home with other virgins in the kingdom. She hides her identity as per her uncle's instruction and take on the name Esther.
One by one, after a year of beauty preparations, they come before the King and present themselves to him. When it is Esther's turn comes the Bible says Esther 2:17 17 The king loved Esther more than all the other women, and she obtained grace and favor in his sight more than all the virgins; so he set the royal crown upon her head and made her queen instead of Vashti.

Vashti was the Queen but when summoned by the King to come to a banquet she refuses and so the King sent her away and decided to find for himself a new Queen.

Esther wins favour with the King, not with her outward adornment but with her inward adornment. God loves you and has found grace and favour in you and has set a royal crown on your head and you are His daughter.

If you read through Esther you will read how she hears of a plot by a man named Haman to kill all the Jews. This greatly upsets Esther and her people plead for her to reach the King and ask Him to spare them. In order for Esther to do this she has to go before the King unsummoned. To do this was death to anyone who the King does not hold out His golden scepter to.
Esther had to step out and do an amazing and courageous thing to save her people. To do what God has called her to do. He put Esther in that time and place for such a purpose.

We have all been put where we are now for a purpose. We are all called to do something great for God. I believe that we are all equipped for more than to just live and die. We are called to rise up and gather up our skirts and run in to what God has for us.

You are good enough and capable. You are so much more than you tell yourself. Do not let words of society or your thoughts that pull you down tell you any different.

In Christ I am so much more. I love what God sees in me. I love that He sees all my faults and all my wrong and all the really stupid things I say and do and He lifts me up out of the dust and decay and sets my feet on the Rock. He doesn't just put me on the sand He puts me on a sturdy Rock that will not shift with the changing winds or move with the crashing of the waves.

Ladies do not sell yourself short with the lies that you have to what men can do in order to be something in this world. We were not created to be men. God created men first and saw that it was not good that they be alone and that they would need someone to complete them. We were created to COMPLETE not COMPETE. This is not a competition. We are all unique and special and are created for the very purpose of serving God and glorifying Him with the gifts He has given us.

Men, you are awesome. Look at you. You were created to lead your family. You were created to stir up nations for Christ. Take up the mantle of authority and lead. You can do it because it is what you were created for. You were created for outer strength and gumption. You were created with the ability to seek out purpose and walk in it. You are the back bone of our nations. The protective structure for our hearts.

Women, you are awesome. Look at you. Look at the uniqueness of your body and of your soul. You nurture within you the smallest of all humanity. You birth the new. You are discerning. You are the only one that has your husband's heart. You cry, laugh and smile with ease and beauty and grace. So special are you to God. You are doing an amazing job. Don't strive to be who you are not. No river flows uphill and against it's natural course. If it does it only causes destruction. When humans try and change the course of a river the river will always try and get back to it's natural course. You were meant to flow with ease, grace and beauty.

So go be who God created you to be and don't listen to lies telling you anything different. Shoulders back, stand up straight and take that step into all that God has called you to be.

Until next week, have an awesome weekend and be blessed.

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