Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Heart for the Broken-Hearted

Psalm 147:3 He heals the brokenhearted and bandages their wounds.

I am sure we have all been through a time in our lives where our hearts were broken. A time in our lives where something has not gone to plan. Hurtful things said to us or overheard about us. Loss of a loved one. Someone in your life leaving you whether it being a parent, friend or a significant person in your life. Miscarriage. Losing your Job. Disappointments.

I love the verse above. I can imagine God being there in my times of heartbreak. When my heart feels like it is being wrenched from my chest. The sobs build up and I hold my breath and I feel as though my head or chest will burst if I keep it in any longer. I take a breath and the tears fall.
God heals our heartbreak. He sees what we go through and He bandages our wounds. He takes us into His arms and he carefully heals our hearts and wraps a bandage around our wounds. There is something so nurturing and caring about this verse. God doesn't just heal our hearts and send us on our merry way. He heals our hearts and then binds our wounds which to me suggests ongoing care.

I think this illustration shows us the Heart we are to have for others in our lives. We are to have a Heart for the brokenhearted because we know what it is like to be broken and hurting. We know what it is like to be poor in spirit.

I am reminded of when Matthew 26:6-13 About the woman who anoints Jesus with fragrant oil. In verse 11 Jesus says "You will always have the poor among you, but you will not always have me." I know Jesus is talking about His death on the cross here but re-reading the first half this verse He says you will always have the poor among you. There will always be those who are poor, be it financially or spiritually. Jesus told His disciples that they would not always have Him because soon after this Jesus was lead to the cross and died and was made alive on the 3rd day and was taken up to be with the Father 40 days later not before promising to send them a Helper.
Jesus shines through us and we have been given the Holy Spirit who stirs within us a Heart for the Brokenhearted and poor in spirit. The ones in bondage who do not know what it is like to be free.

Do you know of anyone who is hurting today and needing a friend to comfort them and pray for them?
We usually go through our week and are so busy with what we are doing that we can forget to look around us and notice those who need help and encouragement.

I think that is what makes time with God during our day so important. It helps us to stop and focus off of ourselves and back onto God. In this time we can ask God to bring a name of someone who needs encouragement and prayer. Sometimes all it takes is a phone call or an invitation for coffee.
Stay at Home Mums are the perfect people to go and visit others and encourage them. Take your babies and toddlers with you and go and help an elderly lady. The young are such a joy to them. I have done this. I have taken my kids to funerals and hospitals and people's homes who have needed a cuddle and the laughter of a child to heal their hearts.
I feel sometimes God speaks to my daughter's and often when we are in the car driving from having just dropped either one or both of my older girls off at school/kindy my 3rd daughter will say to me "I don't want to go home lets go visit that lady" Yes I would make my way over unannounced or if I know they will not be home we say a prayer for them that their day will go well. But the times we have gone to visit our friends have been greatly blessed and encouraged.

My encouragement for this week is to take time to find out who needs your love and understanding this week. I will be doing this too.

Enjoy the rest of your week and I pray that if you are hurting that you will be comforted and your heart will be healed from someone close to you.

I am thinking about putting up a way for you all to contact me if there is anything you need to ask or if you have something you want to talk about. So maybe a Facebook page and an email account. Comment below if you would like me to do this.

God's richest blessing for you all.


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