Friday, May 8, 2009

Making the first step of this Journey

On Sunday I will be Auditioning for Worship in church.

This is the first time I have auditioned for the privilege to lead God's people into worshiping Him.

I will be singing Brooke Fraser's "You'll Come" and "Thine is the Kingdom" by Richard Knott
I am slightly nervous but I know that this is a step I have to take. If what you have been called to do isn't scary it is not big enough.

Making a step in the right direction and making it knowing that it will could change you is a huge step. It is a step of Faith and Trust.
Sometimes we are most happy staying in our little comfort zones. Stepping out to do anything new leaves us quaking in our boots.
I am learning to drive. Eek!! It is something I know I have to do but thinking about driving a big machine on wheels in traffic scares me and almost makes me sick.
Prayer. Prayer is what gets me through these things and Faith and Trust in my Heavenly Father is what helps me take the first step. I close my eyes and step into what He has for my life.

His ways are not our ways. For this I am most grateful. He has had His hand on my life since the beginning of the world. He know me through and through. My Father knows my fears, my failures, my wrong doing, my emotions and struggles. He knows it all. He sent the Holy Spirit to be with us to get us through our life on Earth (our temporary home)

What will we do today to make a difference. Are we all just going to be happy going to church on a Sunday, maybe writing a few notes, singing a song or two maybe clapping hands an little hop or maybe even raise our hands a little? Or are we going to say this is not enough for me. I want more I need more out of life. God has something great planned for me. Life is too short. Let's live it today.

The message I am getting from God this year is that this year will be the year of thing coming to fruition. A year of much fruit. All that you have sewed and worked hard for. All your perseverance and faithfulness will be rewarded and you will see the fruit.

So far this year I have seen the fruit of my life coming through. I hope most of it is good fruit and I know being a sinner there will be some bad fruit. Thought's, feelings, my dreams, my hopes, my greed.

When is it going to become not okay with us to live as we are? Church on Sunday and then for the rest of the week we do not touch our Bibles nor do we talk to our Father. The Holy Spirit is ignored, we forget what Jesus accomplished and why and for whom. Our neighbours still haven't heard the good news and we turn a blind eye to those who look like they may ask us about our Lord and Saviour.

Do you know how to answer the questions you will be asked if you do step out? Why are you an Christian? why did Jesus die on the cross? How do you know He rose again? Why is Christianity different?
Be prepared be ready, these questions will come. You will need to answer them. Pick up your Bible and read. Listen, prepare, pray. Find the answers to your faith. Ask yourself why you believe.

John 4:27-42