Sunday, May 6, 2018

Why Have I Been so Quiet?

Noticeably I have not posted much here. The reason being is not so much that I have been busy but more like life just being hard in general. I do feel like things have turned a corner, whether I continue to post again here or start another blog is up in the air at the moment.

I am currently studying Interior Decor full-time and am looking at obtaining a Diploma in Interior Design studying part-time somehow next year while hopefully working as well.
I have been updating on Instagram and Facebook the things I have been doing in my course and what I get up to if there is anything interesting. You can search for my profiles using the username thecreativekiwigirl.

It was maybe a bit of a spur of the moment decision to start studying. I wanted to get some sort of qualification but I wanted to be something I would enjoy doing without squashing my creativity. Also it needed to be correspondence so I didn't have to travel to study.

I had sometimes thought about interior design as being something I was interested in doing for myself. I wanted so badly to own my own home and do it up all lovely but we were mostly in houses that weren't ours and then when we did own our own home we were strapped for cash and had to make do with what we had.

Doing this course has helped me see what the past season was all about. The things I have learned from seeking out knowledge and improving my art, my love for geometry in school, getting more confident in drawing and seeing things differently than I used to, scrapbooking which involved a lot of mounting of photographs and presentation techniques, to my love for colour and textiles and Victorian buildings and other historical buildings. It is all tying itself up in this neat little bow. This course is like a bridge between the old season and the new season, a hand hold between the old me and the new me.
Not only am I enjoying this course, even though it is a stretching experience and having to send out assignments every 2 weeks is crazy, I am acing it. At school I was mostly scraping by on about an average mark. Once or twice I have managed a high grade but really I scraped through high school. This course however, the marks are crazy good and I am simply enjoying being a perfectionist. Well not simply because it isn't simple but I am having fun and I am not even board. I can even see myself working in an actual job doing this everyday.

At the moment I am unable to write here as much and I haven't really known what to write or even if what I was going through was really something I wanted to share. When I am through this time and I can see above the clouds again I will start writing again but for now I will be posting on my A Walk of Faith and Trust facebook page with some verses and positive motivation for you all.