Wednesday, June 4, 2014

There is no Bridge

Blog post inspiration. A bridge. Title Bridges of Faith. Excellent! Only there is no mention of bridges in the Bible because God does not use bridges or builds bridges for His people to cross over He just parts the seas and allows them to wade through the river.

I had this long post typed out while I was out this evening but when I went back into the app it was all gone and while I do think it was rather clever it wasn't really near the truth I wish to share with you.

There are no Bridges. In life you are either on the banks of the sea or river or you are in the sea or river. 

For Moses and the people of Israel there was no bridge to cross over the Red Sea.  For Joshua and the people of Israel there was no bridge to cross over the Jordan River. When they stood before that mass of water they did not say 'Hey Lord where is the bridge?' They simply went where God told them to go and waited for His instruction as to how He would like them to cross. 
When Peter stepped out of the boat he did not say 'Let me come to you Lord but first I need to build a bridge'

We all want a nice little bridge over our troubled waters. But oh what a awesome thing when the stormy oceans are calmed. When we step out and walk on the water. When what seems like a huge obstacle is parted before us. When our rough seas and turmoil and insurmountable obstacles lie before and God comes and parts the seas or allows us to walk on our trouble. That is true faith. When we are in the thick of it. When we wade deep into the waters to cross over and trust that God will get us through. That if you fall He will lift you up and out.  
When you cross over that river you do not do it alone. God goes with you. He goes before you. He watches your back.

We can have a bridge to cross over and it will be quick depending on the type of bridge and there will be a certain amount of faith but the faith you have will be in that bridge supporting you. Your faith will be in whoever built it. 
I have a very small idea how to build a bridge. I have seen documentaries but I have also seen bridges fail and collapse. Bridges get old. Bridges are not forever.

What I am certain of is that my faith lies in God. That He will get me across safely to the other side when I make Him the focus of my life. When I rely on Him and make Him the only one I trust to bring me through all my hardships.

My God is greater than any bridge made with my own hands. We try and construct a plan for our lives. We have a problem and instead of going to God we run around trying to fix it ourselves. We build a bridge but the bridge collapses under us. If only we would just trust and wade in. 'Right Lord I have this issue but I will jump into it with both feet and let go of my plan to solve it and let you take full control.'

So today when you see no bridge. You see no way over your problem. There is no way around it. There is no way under it. Go through it and see what miracle God works in your life. Signs, wonders and miracles don't happen while we are avoiding an issue but in the midst of our issue.

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